Comics Reviews 4-24-2013

Another week of wonderful comics.  Sorry I have been neglecting the site for a few days,  I have more workload then usual and it’s really taken a lot of my times. Cover of the week: Another color spread for One Continue reading Comics Reviews 4-24-2013

Comics Reviews 3-27-2013

Sorry guys, I just got my copy of Bioshock Infinite Ultimate Songbird Edition yesterday, and I’m really into it right now.  Juggling with both works and BioShock, I forgot to read the comics this week, and I wasn’t prepare for it.  However, Continue reading Comics Reviews 3-27-2013

Batman Inc.’s Big Spoiler Ahead!

NY Post announced today that Damian Wayne, the current Robin and Batman’s son will die on February 27th, 2013 in  Batman Incorporated #8.  Apparently, Batman will be too late to save Robin.  Again.  Just like how he did with Jason. So this will come Continue reading Batman Inc.’s Big Spoiler Ahead!

Comics Reviews 1-30-2013

I review comic books every week!  This week I review comics from DC, Marvel, and Shonen Jump’s One Piece , in alphabetical order. Once again, I noticed all the Arrow banner on top of DC issues.  It’s getting really annoying…

Comics Reviews 1-02-2013

Batman Incorporated issue #6 At first I was making fun of the whole notion of Batman Incorporated. It just sounds so stupid the idea that Batman as a brand, and there should be a Batman in every nations. How wrong Continue reading Comics Reviews 1-02-2013