The Walking Dead #176 Review

New World Order #2.

It’s always interesting when The Waling Dead introduces us to a new faction of survivors.  The question remains the same as we wonder if these people are trust-worthy, or how high the body count will be by the time this story arc is over.  New World Order introduces us to a new community we’ve never seen before, and it has me intrigued to find out where the series will take us next.

The chapter does a great job continuing the mysteries of Commonwealth.  It’s still unclear what kind of community it really is- it can be a murderous one like Woodbury, or it can be an actual right step towards rebuilding society.  Whatever the case it really is, Commonwealth is the place where the story is juicy.  That said, I’m also glad the series takes a break from Rick and Alexandria, and I only hope when we finally meet up with them again we can see something unexpected from our old sheriff.

Despite Kirkman takes its time revealing Commonwealth’s true intention, it also becomes quite clear that the new community might not be as bad this time around.  I’m not saying the new group of people doesn’t have a few skeletons in the closet, but I highly doubt it is going to be another bloodthirsty people or cannibal monsters we’ve encountered before.

It’s also a touching moment for Michonne to reunite with her daughter.  It’s rare for the series to give us such a heart-warming moment, so I can only expect something bad is going to happen soon.  That’s how the series is- it gives and takes.

Overall, this is a great issue that further expands the world of The Walking Dead.  With a giant community like the Commonwealth, it’s not hard to imagine where the story can take us next.  The new characters are interesting, and with Michonne’s family reunion, the story sure is one to be invested with.


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