Pokeball Special Collection 2 Introduces Kurt’s Pokeball

More of our favorite Pokeball!

Bandai has released Pokeball Special Collection before, and now they’re releasing even more!  Pokeball Special Collection 2 comes with the balls made by Kurt in the Johto region.

From the anime and video game franchise Pokemon comes this exclusive limited-edition set of eight Poke Balls (Monster Balls). Each ball measures approximately 1.9 inches (4.9cm) and is made of ABS and MABS. Also included with the set are holder parts for clipping them on to your pants or belt.

The set comes with:

Speed Ball
Level Ball
Lure Ball
Heavy Ball
Moon Ball
Love Ball
Friend Ball
GS Ball
2 Holders
1 Bag of mint tablets

The set will even come with the super rare GS Ball.  And just like how it is in the anime, the GS Ball here cannot be opened either, so don’t think your GS Ball is broken.

The set are scheduled to be released in January 2018 for $99.99.