Batman: The Red Death Review

Batman that runs really fast.

Dark Nights: Metal #2 has reached the story’s all time high by introducing us a gang of evil Batman counterparts.  This one-shot issue introduces us the hybrid of Batman and The Flash.  While it sounds like a wonderful idea, the story itself is a bit lackluster, with a few disappointments here and there.

The issue introduces us to the idea of a multiverse that shouldn’t exist, and the people that are doomed to be on it.  After losing his families, Bruce is determined to obtain Speed Force from Barry, as he believes it is what he needs to protect Gotham from evil.  However, although the idea might be cool, the character here is really one-noted and thin as a paper.  A revengeful Batman is nothing special, and the only differences is the extra speed force.  I do like the idea that this Batman kills his villains because he doesn’t have time to think due to Speed Force.  Overall, there’s nothing really special about Red Death.

But what do you expect from an event tie-in?  This is the same from all the previous DC events tie-ins: New characters are introduced in the main story, and DC releases tie-ins to allow us better understand these characters.  And that’s just it, the purpose of these books are for us to understand these characters better, and nothing more.  It’s a cheap origin story that gets us hype for the main event.  The issue doesn’t teas us that one of the evil Batman might be pulling strings from behind the scenes, but we will have to wait for future books to find out.

Batman: The Red Death is an interesting concept that introduces us a new idea of Batman that fights crime with Speed Force.  The idea might be grant, but the character here seems too one-noted for me to care about.  Hopefully the next Metal tie-ins will be better.