Rick and Morty “Morty’s Mind Blowers” Review

No Interdimensional Cable this season.

With season one’s “Rixty Minutes,” and season two’s “Interdimensional Cable II: Temping Fate,” it becomes kind of standard for the show to have some sort of clip-show episode each season.  While the recent comic already features Interdimensional Cable III, it turns out this episode is the actual sequel to the clip-show format.

“Morty’s Mind Blowers” introduces us the idea that Rick has been erasing Morty’s memories over the years.  It’s an interesting concept, and it’s especially funny that the episode itself recongizs that this is a chance for writers to toss out the wacky’s idea not strong enough to support an actual episode.  However, from a story’s point of view, it doesn’t make sense that Rick has been erasing Morty’s mind this whole time.  If this really is the case, why doesn’t he erase Morty’s memory when they have to flee their own dimension in “Rick Potion #9”?  Also, if the squirrel memory is real, then are Rick and Morty in the same replacement dimension, or are they in a new one again.  So many questions, but with Rick able to edit Morty’s memories, I’m not sure what to believe anymore.

Some memories really stand out here.  Other than the squirrel memory mentioned above, I really like the bit with the man on the moon, and of course, the very last one with Jerry that’s a parody of E.T.  Jerry has been absent a lot this season, but every time he appears he steals the show.  But to be honest, all the memories are great, and the whole point here is to show how bleak and depressing these two really are.  The fact that when both Rick and Morty can’t figure out they’re related by looking into these memories really says it all.

And the end where a nonchalant Summer wanders in to resolve the problems is wonderful.  I really love the idea that this happened before, and Rick has special protocols for Summer to follow and such.  It’s a really great and absurd way to end the conflicts, and I love it.  However, the episode itself isn’t as strong as what we’ve been seeing this season, and the clip-show episode formula isn’t so good this time around.