Game of Thrones “The Dragon and the Wolf” Review

The Song of Ice and Fire.

And that’s it folks, the end of Game of Thrones season seven!  We might have to wait until 2019 for the eighth and final season of the show, but the epic finale is enough to carry us over right?  “The Dragon and The Wolf viewed like a feature-length with over 80 minutes, and it sets up the final stage of the show and wraps up many fan theories.

Even though it’s already confirmed last season that Jon is a Targaryen, this is the first time the characters of the show acknowledge the fact.  I mean, it will be quite ridiculous if the show enters season eight without the characters knowing this.  Anyway, the show’s way to tell you how they’re related can be quite disturbing, as Bran voice-over Dany and Jon’s sex scene can be uncomfortable.  But this is Game of Thrones, and we should be used to incest already.  It’s revealed that Jon is a legit heir to the throne, and not a “Sand,” but most importantly it is also revealed that his real name is Aegon.

Aegon is an interesting name.  First off, Jon already has a half brother named Aegon.  Rhaegar has a son with Elia Maratell named Aegon before that’s killed by The Mountain.  So either Rhaegar really liked the name and decided to name another son after that name, or there’s something else hiding here.  Second, Aegon is still alive in the books, something that’s scrapped from the series, so maybe this is the show’s way to integrate that idea?

And that ending with the Night King flying down the sky with his new dragon destroying a big chunk of the wall on Eastwatch is both epic and terrifying.  This is a very effective way to end the season, as well as establishing that winter really is here.  I already know the season will end with the wall coming down, but how it really happens is powerful.  There was a theory that the Horn of Winter will be introduced into the series, but it’s an element only in the books, and quite honestly, this is a much more powerful way to take the wall down than something never heard of in the show.  My only complain is that Tormund and Beric’s status is unknown now.  It’s hard to believe the show will kill those two off that easily, but I also can imagine them making it to the other wall just in time.  Tormund and Brienne no more I guess.

And there’s Cersei.  While it will be great to see Cersei working with everyone else, I don’t buy it for a sec.  Sure, Cersei could play along to fight the undead army, but it makes more sense having her betrayed everyone instead.  Now that it’s clear she’s just playing everyone, it also makes more sense that she touches her belly with concern in front of Tyrion, or why she lets Euron go that easily.  Euron is going to gather the Golden Company, and she needs to let Tyrion go to fake the truce.  She really is the cruelest woman in the entire Westeros.  

And now, thanks to Cersei cunning decision, Jaime is out of King’s Landing.  It’s powerful to see Jaime turning against Cersei, especially since it is long overdue.  She even threatens him with The Mountain in this episode too.  I would like to say Brienne has something to do with his decision too, as their brief reunion at the Dragonpit might have spark something inside him allowing to see the light in all this.  

It’s nice to see things coming along greatly in Winterfell.  The Stark sisters have come together and put an end to the annoyance known as Littlefinger.  It’s something I didn’t see coming, and a powerful scene!  Littlefinger went from cocky, to worried, to scare and panic all within minutes, and every little detail was executed perfectly.  It turns out that Sansa is the real wild card in the whole situation, and rather she already knew everything from the beginning, or coming to realization at the last minute doesn’t matter.  What matters is the Starks working together to rid the toxic element before everything is too late.

Also, I don’t care about another Theon redemption journey.  We’ve already given the character way too many chances, and it’s getting really annoying not gonna lie.

“The Dragon and the Wolf” seems like a classic Game of Thrones episode that actually takes its time to process important moments.  A lot of important scenes filled with dialogue, revelations and twists.  It’s good to see the characters coming along to fight one united threat, and the show is getting ready for the final season.  See you soon Game of Thrones!