Figuarts Zero Extra Battle Super Saiyan Vegito

Another version of Goku, Vegeta fusion.

After Gogeta, Bandai’s Figuarts Zero Extra Battle series is going to release Vegito from Dragonball series.

Vegito, just like Gogeta, is the fusion between Goku and Vegeta.  However, instead of the Fusion Dance, this is the result of the Potara earrings.  It’s originally stated that the fusion result of the earrings is permanent, but recent episodes from Dragonball Super revealed that non-Supreme Kai fusions can only last for an hour.

The figure captures Vegito’s look perfectly with chi surrounding him and the beam shooting out of his right hand.  The figure captures the his movements perfectly, as Vegito is in the middle of an attack.  This is a really awesome figure, and definitely a must for all Dragonball fans.

The figure is set to release in November for 7,020 yen (about $70).