Figuarts Zero Extra Battle Super Saiyan Gogeta

One version of Goku, Vegeta fusion.

Bandai’s Figuarts Zero Extra Battle series is going to release Gogeta from the Dragonball series.

Gogeta is the fusion between Goku and Vegeta by using the Fusion Dance.  Even though the fusion only last 30 minutes, but he is easily the strongest warrior in the entire galaxy.

The figure will come with clear parts to recreate Gogeta’s chi as he performs a one-hand Kamehameha.  The anger on Gogeta’s face is so realistic, it brings the whole figure to a different.  It’s important to note the halo on top of Gogeta’s head, indicating both Goku and Vegeta are already dead in Gogeta’s first appearance.

The figure is set to release in December for 7,020 yen (about $70).

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