Game of Thrones “The Spoils of War” Review

Whose side are you on?

Now THAT was an intense fight.

It is easily the most intense one we’ve seen so far.  With major characters are both sides, it’s hard to root for either.  We cry when the Dragon is in clear danger, but we also don’t want to see Jaime or Bronn dead either.  This is the true beauty of Game of Thrones that you don’t know whose side you’re on.

I mean, I already know that it’s impossible for Dany to lose the battle, not after losing so much already.  But there’s still a chance she might lose a Dragon here.  It is especially nerve-wrecking when The Scorpion actually lands a hit on it.  Honestly, I’m surprise that Jaime or Bronn survive the battle, since the show is famous for killing of characters like flies.  Honestly, if either of them died here it isn’t too bad either.  They will die a hero in the fire of a Dragon.  Well, it’s not like they’re actually heroes, but the episode gives them enough sympathy before the Dothraki attack, so there’s enough complex emotions to go around.

It’s hard to say if Dany has actually gone too far.  There’s enough losing on her side that an actual change of style is important.  It’s easy to compare her to the Mad King, but I really want to say her actions are justifiable after all the lost.  Tyrion has also warned her not to fly into battle dragon blazing, so does this mean that she’s not listening to his advice anymore?  Meanwhile, it’s also possible that she’s right about Tyrion being soft on his family.  This is especially the case when he hopes his brother would steer away.  Maybe Dany is not too far off base here.

On the other hand, it’s also interesting to see Dany asking Jon for war advice.  She’s been like a broken record demanding Jon to “bend his knees,” but it’s also great to see that she’s willing drop her pride too.

And Arya is back to Winterfell!  I didn’t see this coming at all, and I could have swear that she will continue her journey to King’s Landing to finish her list, but I’m glad I was wrong.  The set up was perfect too, and I was so scared that the two stupid guards would have turned her away.  It is really badass too seeing Arya fighting Brienne, and how skillful Arya has become.

The only problem at Winterfell now is Bran and Littlefinger.  One is the all powerful Three-eye Raven that can see everything, and the other is the sneaky man who’s clearly up to no good.  I wonder how things will play out in Winterfell, and hopefully Bran can see what Littlefinger is planning next, or maybe has something to counter him.  But seeing how brooding Bran is, I highly doubt he will do anything at all.

My biggest concern is what Sansa is going to do next.  After seeing her “mutant” siblings, will she be on her family’s side, or on what Littlefinger’s side.  She’s sort of an unapproachable leader, so anything can happen at this point.  Just look at those bozo guards too afraid to talk to her.

Overall, “The Spoils of War” is one of the strongest Game of Thrones episode so far.  It has intense action, an all-out battle featuring fan-favorite characters on both sides, and Arya returning to Winterfell.  What will happen next is everyone guess, and I’m especially eager to find out Jaime and Bronn’s fates.