Rick and Morty “Rickmancing the Stone” Review

Mad Morty: Fury Road.

Back in the season premiere, which was first dropped almost four months ago, Rick promised the season is going to be dark and well, he’s right.  “Rickmancing the Stone” gives us another standard Rick and Morty adventure in the parody of Mad Max, but it’s a much dark undertone that looks into the psyche of Smith Children.

While it’s great to see the show tackles on Mad Max, but the reference is already outdated since the movie first released over two years ago.  That said, it’s still cool how much details is put into creating the world, and the goofy mutants chase scene is too classic to pass up.  I’m also a big fan to see how whiny these tough guys are under the helmet.

It’s fun to see how the Smith children are dealing with their parents’ divorce in their own way.  Morty’s relationship with his mutated arm is a way for him to release his anger, and Summer’s relationship with Hemorrhage is her way of dealing with the lost.  It’s not a rare thing for the show to make permanent change, but it makes me wonder why the show decides to have the parents going through divorce now.  Perhaps it has something to do with the creator going through a divorce now?

I’m really happy to see Summer getting more attention this week.   The show is actually much better off having Summer has a semi-regular participant to Rick and Morty’s adventure.  It’s really fun to see how quickly she turns into her mother through her relationship with Hemorrhage, and I’m really loving it hearing Rick calling her “Sum-Sum.”

Meanwhile, I hope to see more Beth and how she’s dealing with the divorce.  It’s quite a shame, because I feel like there are plenty to tell there.  Also, Jerry has some great funny scenes here and there too.  I’m especially loving the the wind that calls him loser.