Game of Thrones “The Queen’s Justice” Review

Ice and Fire.

Another great episode!  “The Queen’s Justice” finally has Jon faces Dany for the first time, a long-awaited reunion, some deaths and we finally get to see Casterly Rock after hearing about it for over seven years!  There are tons to talk about, and I’m ready to break them down one by one.

While I really hope to see Jon and Dany being best friends right away, I know it’s only realistic to see them off to a bad start.  It’s frustrating because we know both characters are right in their own way, and they’re basically the heroes that’s going to safe Westeros.  However, thanks to Tyrion, it’s good to see a possible alliance between the two in the name of Dragonglass.  The meeting is carefully crafted with hostility, but friendly enough to create a possible alliance.  The possibilities are out there, and I can’t wait to see if Dany will take a step back since she’s desperately in need of more ally.

And man, things are really not looking good for Dany’s side.  After losing both the Greyjoys and Sand Snakes, the Tyrells are some defeated too.  But before we talk about that powerful final scene, that’s talk the “Queen” in The Queen’s Justice herself- Cersei.  While it’s difficult to be on Cersei’s side from time to time, it’s tough not to feel for her during the exchange with Ellaria.  Ellaria killed Myrcella out of spite and anger, so her revenge is understandable.  That said, I’m starting to see Cersei’s end very soon.  Knowing the structure of the show, no one gets to stay happy very long, and Cersei is very happy in this episode!  She’s so happy that she allows herself a moment of happiness with Jaime!  I also hope that when Cersei goes, she will die in the hands of Jaime.  It only makes sense after him seeing the love of his love reaching a point of insanity.

Similar to last week’s episode, this episode also ends with a big battle too.  It’s exciting to see the Unsullied take down Casterly Rock with Tyrion’s voice echoes through the battle.  It’s great that we finally learn about Tyrion’s past on the rock, but it also shows his one weakness as Dany’s adviser- the enemies known him too well.  Cersei and Jaime know Tyrion’s desire to take down the Rock so well, they decide to abandon the place all together to focus on the Highgarden.  It seems like Tyrion is not good at strategy, and Dany is going to have to make a better decision soon.

The final scene between Jaime and Olenna is all too powerful.  While it’s awesome that Jaime shows mercy to allow her to die painlessly, but it’s even better that she decides to spit the favor back at this face by revealing the truth behind Joffrey’s death.  I’ve already forgot no one knows who really poisoned Joffrey, and it’s a really nice call back.  Olenna is really badass, and she’s not going to go down before having the upper-hand.  Now that Jaime knows the truth, will he tell Cersei the truth?  I really hope not, because that’s really unwise.

Before we go, let’s talk about the Sansa and Bran reunion, which kind of a let down.  No, it’s not saying that reunion itself is bad, but it feels not as important compares to the other events in this episode.  Not to mention that Bran has become the emotionless Three-eyed Raven, so the reunion itself is not as heart-warming as expected.  I’m pretty sure if it was a Arya/Sansa reunion, it would be a whole different story.  Hey, Arya is not in this episode at all, or is she….?

“The Queen’s Justice” is a great episode that finally bring Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen together.  With great story and awesome actions, this is once again a memorable episode.  Dany is desperately in need for a change, and the possible alliance with the King of the North might just be what she needs.