Game of Thrones “Stormborn” Review

Be a dragon.

Obviously referred to Dany, “Stormborn” surprisingly didn’t feature a lot of Mother of Dragons herself, but mainly a strategics episode that wonders the possibilities of the war to come.  Aside from the action-packed scene at the end, it is also very exciting to see Jon Snow and Dany (his aunt) about to meet for the very first time!

Tyrion’s plan for Dany and her armies is an obvious one, as he’s trying to take over King’s Landing as peaceful as possible.  This is a difficult task that requires a lot of allies on Dany’s side.  It’s a smart decision to recruit Jon Snow to their side, and it’s mutually beneficial since Jon requires tons of Dragonglass from Dragonstone to fight the army of the dead.  It also makes sense, as a character, for Jon Snow to leave the leadership behind.  It’s always his quest to fight the White Walkers, so it’s pretty much impossible to see him staying behind and rule the North.  North is full of brave noble warriors, but they need moreintelligence and allies.  Besides, the North is in good hands with Sansa in charge,  Right?

I was overjoyed to see Dany’s army coming together with such powerful allies, but I should’ve known all good things comes to an end soon in Game of Thrones.  It’s an impressive, but one-sided battle that has two Sand Snakes killed, and Ellaria and Yara taken prisoner.  It’s a very bad moment for Team Dragon, and a very bad one for Theon too.  By this point, do we still care about Theon’s redemption?  We’ve been disappointed by him way too many times already, and even though he did safe Sansa before, I don’t think I care for another Theon redemption journey.  Also, Euron promised Cersei a “gift” before, but is this really it?  We were all hoping Gendry being the said gift to be honest.

While Gendry didn’t make a return, the episode features another Arya’s friend- Hot Pie.  It’s a very cute reunion, and after learning that her families are still alive from the old friend, Arya seemingly decides to go to Winterfell instead of King’s Landing.  But is it still the case?  It turns out that Hot Pie is not the only old friend Arya encounters, as she runs into a fully-grown Nymeria as well!  It’s a really awesome reunion, and after the direwolf rejects her, Arya mutters “That’s not you.”  This is referring to both Nymeria and herself, as she’s not meant to abandon her revenge journey, just like Nymeria is not supposed to abandon her pack.  However, it can also be interpreted as she’s not supposed to be the wild killer, and she has come a long way from who she was.  Whatever Arya decides to do next, this is a powerful scene regardless.

Sam has gone from poop to puss.  Ew.  It’s really cool that the world of Game of Thrones is getting smaller and smaller, and the characters are finally meeting up.  I just hope nothing goes wrong with Sam’ procedure, but knowing this show, anything can happen from this point.  Overall, “Stormborn” is a powerful episode that show how difficult it is for Dany to take over the Seven Kingdoms.  On one hand Cersei still has plenty of tricks up her sleeves, and on the other hand Dany needs to learn to be more bloodthirsty with her conquers.  The final battle scene is an especially powerful one to guarantee us the chaos that’s coming our way.