One Piece Chapter 867 Review

Happy Birthday.

This is one of the darkest stories in One Piece ever.  So are we really supposed to believe Carmel and the children just suddenly disappeared?  Come on, Linlin ate them.  This is further supported by the fact that Carmel is the previous owner of Soru Soru no Mi, Big Mom’s current Devil Fruit ability.  I think it’s safe to say that when Devil Fruit users are being eaten, their abilities will be transferred to the consumer.

One Piece is famous for some tragic backstories, but I’ve never seen one in this kind of caliber.  A (monster) child ate all her loved ones?  The idea is so horrifying, I can’t believe it’s from the pages of One Piece.  If anything, I thought I was reading Attack on Titan!  But good for Oda for making things interesting and different though.  It’s 20 years of story-telling, and i’m sure it’s getting difficult to come up with fresh ideas.

It’s revealed that Carmel is actually a child trafficker working for the World Government.  She sends the orphans to the World Government to become either marines or Cipher Pol.  My last review I mentioned I’m not a big fan of her overprotected method on Linlin, and it all makes sense now!  She doesn’t have the best interest on the monstrous girl; she just wants to make her into a weapon for the government!  It’s great that Oda left an obvious character flaw there for readers, like me, to pick on.

And Big Mom’s flashback ends in this chapter.  I’m actually really invested in her story, and I want to find out more about her including how she becomes one of the fearsome Yonko.  I guess the idea here is simply showing who Mother Carmel is to Big Mom, but now i know she ate her loved ones, I just want to know her story more.