MAFEX The Dark Knight The Joker Ver. 2.0

The madness continues.

Medicom Toy’s MAFEX has been releasing various figures based on director Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight series. Β They have released a Joker figure before, but now they’re going to release an updated version- The Joker Ver. 2.0.

The updated version will come with a coloring closer to the original film, and a better coat too. Β The figure will come with two optional heads, and with different hair styles as well! Β The accessories include RPG, pistol, and machine gun like the previous one, and it will now come with four playing cards, three blades and a metal pipe for you to recreate more scenes from the film.

The figure is set to release in January 2018 for 6,800 yen (about $68).