Digivolving Spirits 01 WarGreymon

Bring back the classic toys.

Bandai is set to release a new line of Digimon toys titled Digivolving Spirits.  The first figure for the new line will be WarGreymon!

The new Digivolving Spirits series is technically the reprints of 1999’s Digivolving action figures.  The figure can be transformed from one to another, and 01 figure can be transformed between Agumon and WarGreymon.  However, unlike the older series, the new figure will come with the newest advanced technology, super alloy and superior paint job to make the figure a much more desirable one.

With the comparison image above, you can see that the new figure is more sharper compares to the old one.  This is definitely a new franchise of toys for all Digimon fans.

The franchise is going to continue on too, as Metal Garurumon being teased already.

Digivolving Spirits 01 WarGreymon is set to release in November for 7,020 yen (about $70).