One Piece Chapter 866 Review

Natural Born Destroyer.

And with this chapter we finally get to see Big Mom’s past.  This is a flashback no one asked for, but it’s sure going to give us a better idea who Big Mom was and how she came to be.

This is definitely an interesting idea showing us an antagonist’s past, and Oda already has me hooked.  Within the chapter, we already got an idea on the real reason Big Mom wants to experiment on enlarging children, and why she has such a rocky relationship with Elbaf.  My biggest problem is Mother Carmel.  While we finally understand why she’s such an important person to Big Mom, but her story seems a little familiar?  I’m not sure if there’s a similar character like her in the series before, but I just can’t help and feel like I read something like it one too many times already.  Also, I’m not a fan of her over protective method with Big Mom either, as it only further spoiled the little brat.  If she calls out Big Mom’s mistake earlier, it might prevent tragedies from happening.

Also, Oda has once again done his research.  Semla is an actual dessert in Norway, and it’s usually associates with Lent as well.  This is all tying back to the Giants are based on Vikings, and they’re usually from Norway.  It’s always impressive to how much study Oda has put into his works, and this is why One Piece is such as master piece.

At the end, I want to say it’s hilarious to find out that Cavendish is an actual prince from his kingdom.


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