Things Worth Noticing in Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer

July 16th cannot come any sooner.

HBO has dropped the Game of Thrones season 7 earlier this morning and like always, I’m here to talk about things worth noticing in this new trailer.

It appears that Cersei is aware of the enemies coming her way.  Not only she names the enemies coming from all directions, we also see Lannisters houses being taken down.  Yes, Cersei might be safe at King’s Landing as of now, but the same cannot be said to her armies.  Also, she’s throwing serious shade at Tyrion, indicating she knows he’s on Danny’s side.

Mentioning Danny, the trailer shows that she’s finally back home to Dragonstone.  It’s an awesome move, as she’s now much closer to her enemies, and at the same time, letting everyone in Westeros knows that the Targaryens are back.  Also, did you notice how much bigger her dragons are?  They’re so ready to fight whatever enemies coming their way.

The trailer also shows other forces that are helping the Targaryen alliance.  It’s interesting to note that Ellaria Sand and Yara Greyjoy seems to be cooking up something special here too.  A special union perhaps?

Meanwhile, the trailer shows our friends at the north including Arya and Jon Snow.  Arya seems to just traveling around for her revenge tour, but Jon though, his story seems to be more interesting.  Sir Davos’ speech about setting aside differences is good, but what grabs my attention is when Jon chokes Littlefinger.  This is not a good sign, as the last Stark that threatens Littlefinger ended up with his head on the spike.

Okay, here’s the juiciest part of the trailer- Jon Snow and some wildlings running in the snow.  It appears that these people are on some sort of suicide mission beyond the wall.  Here’s a theory that they’re looking for something called the Horn of Winter, or Horn of Joramun.  It is said this horn has the magical power to destroy the wall once is blown.  There’s possibility that Jon and Co. heard about the horn and decides to go find it.

Last but not least, the trailer also shows off a creepy hand.  I have an idea who the owner of the hand is, but I don’t want to say it here.  Here’s a hint though: He’s deeply in love with the mother 😉

Game of Thrones Season 7 will return on July 16th.