Twin Peaks: The Return “Part 1/Part 2” Review

The Return.

Twin Peaks is back in our lives once again after 25 years.  I was too young to appreciate the show first time around, but I’m glad I jumped on the bandwagon just in time for the show’s revival.  However, after a long absent, are we supposed to believe David Lynch is able to recapture the phenomenon he created all those years ago?  The simple answer is yes, the show is as bizarre and fascinating as ever.

The show opens with a flashback from the original series right away with Laura states “I’ll see you in 25 years,” the famous homecoming queen photo and the iconic theme song is a powerful one.  It’s a really emotional moment that touches fans from all over, including me.

It is still unclear where the show is going from this point, but the first two episodes also show various elements that have me intrigued.  This includes a young man with a strange job in New York where he sits in a room staring at an empty glass cube.  In a true David Lynch- fashion, the segments featuring the young man can be quite dull, but at the same time interesting as we watch the young man doing his tasks in real time.  This is until we are rewarded with a real horror movie moment that I cannot look away.  Meanwhile, there’s a strange (double) homicide case that’s yet to make clear connection to the bigger picture of evil spirits.

In another clear Lynch-ness, it’s both funny and frustrated to watch the scene where the neighbor tries to tell the police what’s happening.  There seems to be a lot of information going on here, especially with the building’s super.  Like I said before, it’s unclear how the whole incident is tied back to the bigger picture, but I can’t wait to find out.  Plus, it’s awesome to see Shaggy (Matthew Lillard) again!  I can’t believe he’s already old enough to play a believable school principal.

All the new mysteries already have me hooked, but the one has me begging for more is with Agent Cooper.  It appears that after all these years, Cooper is still trapped in the Black Lodge while his doppelganger is out doing bad things.  It is interesting to see Cooper in a different light, and actor Kyle MacLachlan does a great job here in his performance, other than his silly mullet wig of course.  While Bad Cooper’s actions are fun to watch, I’m really fascinated to see how Good Cooper is going to make a return to our world again.

Meanwhile, it’s a treat to see some of the original cast returning to the show.  It’s funny that Lucy is still as clueless as ever, and It’s great to see Log Lady giving information to Hawk.  However, the main conflicts, which involves Cooper, the murder mystery, and strange thing in the glass cube are all too detached from the small town of Twin Peaks as of now, so the inclusion of these characters can be a little (just a little, I swear) distracted.  At this point it’s more like a fan service than anything, but I’m sure it will change very soon! 

I also want to note that it’s interesting how the show handles actor Michael J. Anderson’s absent from the series as Man From Another Place.  He’s a tree now.  He has evolved into a tree.

The two-hour premiere has everything we usually found in a David Lynch production with strange moments, characters and beautiful scenes.  It’s awesome to see Agent Cooper’s quest to escape from the Black Lodge, and the new mysteries have me on the edge of the seat.  My only problem, which is all small one, is the cast from Twin Peaks seems like a fan service.  But I’m sure that’s only temporary.

Twin Peaks is back!  What a time to be alive!