One Piece Chapter 865 Review

Hey, Mother.

This chapter continues from the previous one where Luffy and the others are trying to make Big Mom scream.  It’s a chaotic situation where Oda tries his best to tell what everyone is doing at this mess.  During Luffy’s struggles, Nami and the others are saving the Vinsmoke Family and Bege’s gang has their rockets aimed at Big Mom.

It’s a bit odd that Oda spends a whole other chapter just to achieve the same goal.  The extra chapter here does build up tension, but it’s not necessary at all and it feels like he’s just writing story to build around release schedule.  The biggest achievement out of the delay, however, is that Oda has more time to show what the others are doing during the operation.

My favorite panel of the chapter is where Reiju opens her eyes and sees Choppers putting earbuds in her ears.  Chopper is really adorable here, and I really like it when Straw Hats act like heroes.  It’s a big moment that Sanji rescues his family and providing them gears, so I hope it’s not going to come back and bite him.

The chapter ends with Big Mom entering her flashback with Carmel on…. Elbaf?  So we are finally going to see the famous Giant Warrior Island?  The fact that we’re receiving a flashback from an antagonist means Oda is trying to humanize Big Mom, and I’m very curious why this is the case.  There’s a high possibility that Big Mom is not as bad as she seems, and we are going to find out why she desires a family so bad and why she’s having so much problems with giants.  Seriously, what’s up with Yonko and families?  Whitebeard was like that too.

There’s no One Piece next week.  Man, it’s getting really tough for new chapters these days.