Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series “Tangled up in Blue” Review

A great start!

Telltale Games have touched upon pretty much every property these days, and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy fits perfectly into Telltale’s narration style.  The first episode “Tangled up in Blue” shows how elements from the comic series, film franchise and Telltale’s signature can all blend perfectly into a well-tell action game that allows you to be part of the adventure.

While heavily influenced by the film adaptions, this version of the Guardians still take elements from both the comics and the movies.  Rocket, Groot and Drax all have their film personalities, but Peter, Gamora and Yondu are more similar to their comics counterparts.  That said, the game takes more elements from the film with the sense of humor and the use of classic rocks.

The story is pretty straight-forward.  The Guardians received a task from Nova Force to help take down Thanos, and they somehow come across an artifact called the Eternity Forge that everyone wants.  Very typical stuff.  However, Telltale once again done a superb job with their story, and the twist and turns will have players hooked and wanting to find out what happens next.  Plus, the sudden death of that character is something I didn’t see coming at all.

The gameplay is pretty standard to Telltale’s formula- from choices that influences the overall gameplay experience, to quick-time event that results in game over if failed.  However, there are some welcomed additions such as Peter’s rocket boots, and some detective segments similar to Telltale’s previous work on Batman.  The highlight of the game comes early in the episode where players have the chance to control every member of the Guardians while fighting Thanos.  It kind of threw me off at first when I get to play characters other than Peter, but it’s an unique experience where you get to see how different each character’s fighting style is.

In Telltale’s traditional fashion, there are decisions to make.  As Peter, players are forced to make decision that will for sure piss of some members of the team.  Unlike other Telltale games, these decisions don’t feel heavy yet, and maybe we will see how the decisions matter in future episodes.  This is perhaps the weakest point of the game, as I really don’t feel like my decision matters and there are not aftershock of the consequences.  But hey, the game still start off with the right foot with great story and characters where I’m invested.  I will for sure return to future episodes to see how things turn out.