One Piece Chapter 863 Review

The Consummate Gentleman

This is a great chapter!  So does this mean Jinbe is officially part of the Straw Hat crew already?  Instead of nine merchandises I have to get ten now?  Oh my god I’m already over-excited about this and it’s not really official yet!

The chapter reveals a lot of information too.  We got the details on Luffy’s plan, and even understand what Katakuri’s ability is- he’s a Logia-user, Mochi Mochi no Mi, and he can use Busoshoku Haki as well.  However, none of these is as excited as the revelation of the entire Jinbe situation.  When it first revealed that Big Mom likes to take away people’s life span as a punishment, I was really worried that this arc will end with Jinbe’s death, but it doesn’t seem like it will be the case anymore.  It turns out that Big Mom cannot take the life span of those who are not afraid of her.  Jinbe’s determination to join the Straw Hats is real, and it’s good that the arc will most likely end with the Straw Hat crew becoming stronger than ever.  Heck, maybe even Carrot will join the crew too!  For some reason though, I can’t help but feel things are going a little too well for our Straw Hats recently, and something bad might still happen…

The chapter ends with Brook breaking the picture of Carmel.  It is said Big Mom will go berserk, so our heroes’ plan is still going accordingly.  At the same time, the Vinsmokes are not seen during the mess at all, and I’m wondering what they’re up to.  Are things really going to go that smoothly?  What else is hidden up Bege’s sleeves?  We will have to wait for next chapter to find out.

I don’t care what others say, but Jinbe is officially a member of Straw Hats in my book.  This is a great chapter with a lot of new information and story progression.