Free Fire Review

Shoot first, talk later.

Free Fire is director Ben Wheatley’s most accessible project to date.  The film features an easy premise where the audiences can be pulled into right away.  The ultra violence mixes well with the dark humor, and this is a fun film with a wild trip from the beginning til the end.

Set in the 1978 Boston, the film stars an assemble cast of Brie Larson, Sharlto Copley, Armie Hammer, Cillian Murphy, Jack Reynor and more about an arms dealing gone wrong.  It is supposed to be a simple transition, but the film does a great job setting up everything that can go wrong from wrong merchandises to harmful history.  No surprise, the warehouse full of idiots and weirdos begin to shoot each other in no time, and it becomes a game of survival to see who can crawl out of the warehouse alive.

The film is a fun one with plenty of action and comedy in a well balanced mix.  It’s an action film where people shoot and kill each other, but it’s also a comedy gold where characters forgot which side they’re on with plenty of great one-liners.  In fact, the film is full of mayhem and funny moments, the unique sandbox situation will have you on the edge of your seats, and having a blast watching these characters being tortured for 90 minutes.

It sounds stressful keeping up with about a dozen character in the warehouse, but the film done a great job making them individual and easy to follow.  There are a few that really stand out such as Sharlto Copley’s Vern.  He’s a vain and self-deluded arms dealer, and Copley’s top-notch acting allows us to love to hate the character.  The character is so ridiculous as a germaphobe, so it’s funny that after all of his precaution, he ended up sticking a needle in his arm.  Also, the character delivers most of the funny one-liners, and Wheatley manages to squeeze in these dialogues even when Copley is not on the screen.

Another one that stood out is Armie Hammer’s Ord.  The character is a professional hit man hired by Vern, and he’s probably the only character who really knows what he’s doing.  It’s funny watching him criticizing the others, and ended up getting hit a few times himself anyway.

The film can be kind of hard to follow from time to time due to the chaotic situation, but it is also part of the fun trying to figure out who will make it out of the warehouse alive.  It’s fun to see Wheatley dragging the shootout for as long as possible, but there’s not a moment where he makes you feel like he’s losing grip of the film.

Free Fire is not your traditional action/comedy film, and it’s a thrill ride from the very beginning til the end.  It is easily one of the best films so far this year, and you will have fun watching it I’m sure.

Oh yeah, Brie Larson is in the film.  But sadly her performance is really underwhelmed.