Batman #21 Review

The Button part one.

And with this issue, DC begins the first major event since the launch of DC Rebirth about a year ago.  This is a much anticipated event since the revelation that The Watchmen has something to do with the creation of the current DC Universe.  The first issue starts off strong, and it will have you asking for more when it is over.

The issue focuses on the sudden appearance of Reverse Flash in the Batcave.  The story here is basically a direct sequel to Flashpoint, and it is hard to see Batman going through torture from Reverse Flash.  It’s also heartbreaking seeing Thomas’ letter torn into pieces.  However, instead of really jumping into the juicy part of the short crossover event, the issue decides to set the tone of the story and further strengthens the mystery surrounding the button.  The sudden death of that character will have readers talking, and it’s a mystery that will require two greatest detectives of the DC Universe to solve.

Fabok’s art here is superb.  His sleek art style is already an iconic part of DC Comics, and it’s especially awesome to see him mirroing the iconic nine-panel grid format from Watchmen.  The decision here really pays off with the fight sequence, and the bar is set really high for artist Howard Porter in Flash #21.

Batman #21 starts “The Button” event strong.  The issue can be a little bit slow by setting the tone of the story, but writes Tom King and Artist Jason Fabok work perfectly together to deliver us an interesting story.  There are only four issues in this awesome story, and I’m glad it is off to a great start so far.