Nintendo Announced Neon Yellow Joy-Con and Battery Pack

To be released on the same day as ARMS.

Nintendo has announced some new accessories for Switch during the newest Direct presentation.

There will be a new set of Neon Yellow Joy-Con, along with Joy-Con strap accessory of the same color.  They will be sold separately starting June 16th, the same release date as ARMS.

The Neon Yellow Joy-Con will come with two black Joy-Con straps and accessories.  They will be sold for $79.99, and the Neon Yellow strap accessory will go for $7.99.

Nintendo has also announced a new Joy-Con battery pack.  The Joy-Con AA Battery Pack Accessory will come with an attachment for up to two Joy-Con controllers and a pair of AA batteries powers each unit.  The battery pack slides of to each controller in the same way a Joy-Con strap would.  Two AA batteries each?  I can only imagine how heavy the Joy-Con will be after.

However, the Joy-Con AA Battery Pack Accessory wasn’t revealed in the US Direct stream, so it’s unclear if it will make its way to the west.  The accessory will cost 3,280 yen in Japan, so that’s about $30.  We will update the site once more information is revealed.