The Walking Dead “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life” Review

Hope to see you again.

“The Firs Day of the Rest of Your Life” isn’t the best season finale yet, but compares to this sh*t show of a season, and the horrible, horrible season finale from last year, it isn’t a bad episode at all.  In fact, it has actions and plenty of excitements in the final quarter of the episode, I’m overall very satisfied with the episode.

Rick and the people of Alexandria are ready for Negan’s visit, but their alliance with the Trash People turns out to be a problematic one, as their true alliance lies with the Saviors.  The episode is sandwiched with Sasha’s flashbacks, and it’s good we get to see good ol’ Abe once again.

It’s sad to see another main character’s death in the episode.  After being with her for about four seasons, I’m sad to see Sasha exiting the show.  The character is one created for the TV series, and it’s interesting to see how far the character has come to since her initial introduction.  The episode definitely builds up to the character’s death, and even though it’s obvious Sasha will die, I’m still looking froward to see how it is going to happen and how it will affect the situation.  Sasha’s death is adopted from another character’s death from the comic series, but the context here is very differently.  Back in the comics, the death was a trap from Negan to release a walker into the survivors’ group.  However, this is a trap for Negan in the show to throw him off momentary and allow Carl to cap some asses.  In fact, he’s the MVP of the episode, as if it wasn’t for him our survivors will just sit there like logs.

And man, Rick finally got balls!  His words to Negan about killing him is strong!  He’s prepared to lose people, and that’s including Michonne and Carl!  This is a powerful moment for him, especially after seeing how weak he has become this season.  Just when I thought the show is finally going to go to place I wouldn’t expect at all–

WHAM!  Here comes Shiva!  This is a lot of fun to watch seeing the tiger attacking the Saviors and Trash People.  I have no idea how it can tell the differences between allies and enemies, but whatever.  Negan’s reaction is really funny, and the fight is satisfying.  Negan’s flipping the bird on the way out is kind of too much, but that’s Negan for you.  For a no-nonsense kind of guy, Negan is actually kind of full of nonsense.  Not to mention the coffin he brought along for the show.

Oh, and the Trash People.  For crying out loud I’m so glad Rick’s deal with these people fall through, so we don’t have to see him working with these people anymore.  And of course, Jadis’ porposal to have sex with Rick- oh my god good for her for going for it.  It’s an uncomfortable situation, but did you see Rick’s face?  That’s a man seriously thinking about a possible threesome without his head being chopping off by a sword.

Overall, this is a good episode that builds up the storyline for the next season.  Sasha’s sacrifice is a great way to say goodbye to the character, and there is a tiger in the fight scene.  Everything is good again, Walking Dead.