Things Worth Noticing in the New Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer

Things worth mentioning.

Marvel and Sony have dropped the second trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming this morning, and it appears he’s going to have his hands full here.  Not only are there troubles from Vulture, he’s also facing problems from his mentor and, well, high school dramas.  Let us take a deeper look in to the awesome trailer, and understand Spidey’s first solo MCU adventure better.

It appears that Peter doesn’t go to a typical high school, but a boarding school dedicated to science and technology.  The scene in the trailer where Peter enters the room and Ned drops the Lego Death Star suddenly makes sense now, and that’s actually Peter and Ned’s dorm room.  I’m guessing it’s Tony Stark’s pulling, as the last time we’ve seen Peter in Captain America: Civil War he’s still living with Aunt May.  Also, this explains why a kid with a room full of Star Wars toys would refer to The Empire Strikes as “that old movie,” because those are not Peter’s toys, but Ned’s!

It’s interesting to note how much roles Tony Stark has in the film.  Is this pretty much RDJ’s deal now?  Say no to Iron Man 4 and steals the spotlight in other people’s solo films.  The trailer reveals that he’s going to take Peter’s high-tech suit back and forces him to dress in his underoos getup.  It’s a dick move none the less, but it’s going to serve a great character development for our young superhero.  Also, this will be the first time Spidey gets to team-up with other superheroes on the big screen.  A high school Spidey who’s too eager to prove himself, but with a big boss from Avenger to mentor him?  This is obviously the Spider-Man film I’ve been looking for.

Mentioning the high-tech suit, it’s worth noticing some gadgets from it.  We already know the suit comes with web-wings and spider signal, but the new trailer also shows some new gadgets.  There’s a time-explosive and/or tripped mine webbing, and of course the Spidey-drone that comes out of Spider-Man’s chest.  Theory out there is that the drone is actually the Spider-Tracer from the comic series for Spidey to track down his villains.

The trailer also seems to answer the question from Captain America: Civil War- What is Captain America’s status?  The trailer shows the kids watching a video called Captain America’s Fitness Challenge and it features Steve Roger.  It’s hard to believe schools will show a video featuring Steve Roger Captain America if he’s a fugitive on the run.  Therefore, I want to say the public is not clear on what went down during the events of Civil War, and it’s possible the government and/or Tony Stark himself is keeping the details hidden from the public.

It also becomes clear why the Vulture is out to get Tony Stark.  The trailer shows that Tony Stark is now personally responsible for Damage Control, and company that cleans up the aftermath of superhero conflicts.  It’s previously state that Vulture is a weapon dealer making a living collecting alien techs from the Chitauri Attack back in the first Avengers film.  Now that Tony is in charge of cleaning up the attacks, it leaves Vulture jobless and it turns into vengeance.

Here’s the thing: between the first and second Homecoming trailer, it’s pretty clear what the plot is about.  You can see Spider-Man’s journey and relationships with both Tony Stark and the Vulture.  This film will explore themes of Peter’s origin without retelling it.  So what’s the surprise?  Maybe they lie within the “secret identities” of some unnamed characters?  Maybe there are other surprise cameo other than RDJ?  It’s still unknown who Zendaya is really playing, and it appears Martin Starr is in the film too?  He was last seen in MCU in THe Incredible Hulk as Amadeus Cho, so is he reprising that role here again?

Spider-Man: Homecoming will hit theaters on July 7th.