One Piece Chapter 857 Review


This chapter opens up a new possibility where the story might take place next.  This chapter is very different from others, as it features a lot of words very similar to Death Note.  However, Oda does a great job with the visuals, and for some reason, the wordy chapter is very interesting.  This is once again a very good chapter.

After successfully having Sanji back to the crew, the team makes a decision what their next move is.  Jinbe goes into details on Capone “Gang” Bege’s backstory, and it’s a quite interesting one.  I love how Luffy raises the same “why are you telling us this” question I had while reading Jinbe’s wordy explanations too.  Like I said before, this is easily one of the most wordy One Piece chapter ever, but I still have fun reading and finding out who Capone Bege really is.  It turns out he’s a dark and sneaky fellow, and I’m not too sure about Jinbe’s proposal to join forces with him.  Luffy seems to be okay with it, but I’m sure he has things planned.  Right?

It becomes really clear what Jinbe’s role will be when he joins the Straw Hats- he’s the strategist.  He has great knowledge on players in New World, and he’s able to come up with the perfect plan for the crew.  The Straw Hats don’t really have a strategist so far, and it has been either Zoro, Nami or Sanji that come up with plans.  It’s great if Jinbe can be the strategist of the crew; he will be perfect for it.

Also, I don’t really believe Jinbe counts those two when he says ten people.  I would like to believe Jinbe actually has two people hiding somewhere that will come out helping when needed.  He’s a strategist after all.

Chapter 857 is a great chapter.  It might be a wordy one, but it moves the story forward to new possibilities.  We also get to understand who exactly Capone Bege is better.  I can’t wait for the meeting between the two crews already.