Batman #18 Review

A tale of two cities.

I haven’t been the biggest fan of Batman in Rebirth yet.  I guess it’s because I’m still heartbroken with Snyder’s departure, but it’s good to see that Tom King’s run is finally growing on me.  That said, it’s obvious that King likes to find parallels between Batman and his villains.  From Gotham, Gotham Girl, and Catwoman to now Bane, it’s interesting to see how similar Batman is to these characters.  This is also a superb issue to see how close Bruce can become a villainous character like Bane instead.

After the events in the previous issues, it’s exciting to see Bane and Batman beating the sh*t out of each others.  Well, more like Batman having his ass handing over.  It’s a bloody battle that has me flipping the pages, but what really grabs my attention here is the flashbacks.  They’re powerful and allow the readers to see how the loss of their parents drives these characters down very different paths.  I’m especially a fan of how they refer to their mother differently.  This is a powerful look into the differences between the two characters’ psychic.

The color definitely helps too.  Bruce’s colorful panels contract Bane’s darker ones to show the difference between hope and bleak.

The series has been taking its time for the showdown between Batman and Bane, and so far it’s not disappointing.  I cannot wait to see the result of the series, and see what King has in store for use next.