The Walking Dead “New Best Friends” Review

The Walking Dead X Aliens.

So, Trash People huh?  I have no idea why the show introduces us to a whole new group of survivors in this kind of manner, but I will admit that these new characters just don’t do it for me at all.  They’re goofy, and for some strange reason, they don’t speak good at all.  While everyone else been living in the apocalypse for a handful of years, these people appear to be living in the garbage for hundreds of years and forgot how to people.  This is a really strange episode.

The episode basically revolves around Rick trying to strike a deal with these weirdos for some reason while keeping a creepy smile.  Meanwhile, Daryl learns the beauty of white lie as he reunites with Carol.

I mean, I understand the show tries to show us how each community is different from others, but are we really supposed to believe these people are for real?  I mean, what kind of serious sh*t do they have to go through to act this way?  I know in many ways The Kingdom is pretty silly, but not like this caliber!  The moment when these people walk out from their hiding and do the whole formation thing, I know I’m in for coo-coo town right away.  Turns out, I’m right!  They’re goofy, creepy and for some reason, they have their own pseudo-language because what?  Their old ways died when their ancestors flew too close to the sun?

And the whole Thunderdome-style pit-fight thing is the last straw for me.  I mean, the Xenomorph-looking walker is kind of cool, but it just downright silly.  And just like the Trash People forgot how to talk, Rick forgot how to hand too.  What makes him think it is a good idea to hold the spiky part of the walker’s mask?  Anyway, my biggest concern is that after all these shenanigans, Rick is still happy that he made a deal at the end.  “His name was Winslow.”  Really?  This is about the time where Rick realizes that Madam Harido is not only crazy, but also stupid.  Just what’s going on here?  I guess at the end what really matters is that Rick got that rusty car for Michonne.  So romantic!

“New Best Friends” also deals with some dramas over at The Kingdom.  Richard turns out to be a real garbage (hey!  He will be perfect for Trash People), and his willingness to give up Carol is just unforgivable.  I’m glad Daryl is there to teach him a lesson.  The best moment of this episode, other than Daryl and Carol’s reunion of course, is Daryl’s refusal to tell Carol about Abraham and Glenn.  This is a powerful moment, and he’s really sparing Carol from all the bloodshed and violence.  But knowing this show though, Daryl’s hard work is going to waste eventually, and Carol will find out somehow and join the battle again.

It’s good that the show tries to introduce us a new group and eventually build an army to fight the Saviors, but I just can’t get behind this wacky, junky, group of silly survivors.  But who knows, maybe this group will be proven to be really, really useful in the future.  Also, all the Carol/Daryl moments are great, and it’s amazing when he decides to spare her from the fights.

At the end, I just want to say that Jerry is the best.  He’s too pure for this world, and after watching this disaster for seven years, he’s probably going to die soon.  Hey, maybe his death will serve as the catalyst for The Kingdom to join Rick’s cause.  Hopefully.