Things Worth Noticing in Stranger Things Season 2 Teaser

Things are stranger than ever.

Did you guys watch the Super Bowl yesterday?  The game is really, really intense, and Lady Gaga’s halftime performance is remarkable.  But despite all the awesomeness, we are here to talk about the Stranger Things season 2 teaser trailer during the Super Bowl ads.  The teaser is great, and it’s sure packed with a lot of secrets.  We might have to wait until Halloween to fully unpack all the answers, but hey, the least I can do is point out some things worth noticing in the teaser.

If you haven’t seen the teaser yet, you can check it out above.

Okay, let’s dig in.  First thing first, the kids are dressed in Ghostbusters costumes and that’s awesome.  However, did you notice the fourth kid dressed as Ghostbuster other than Mike, Dustin and Lucas?  I don’t think this fourth kid is Will or Eleven, so it’s probably Max- the new kid teased coming to the show this season.

And the teaser shows us a few glimpses of Eleven, confirming the character is definitely back.  Meanwhile, Will is being experimented on or something, and we get a glimpse of Paul Reiser’s character oversees the experiments on Will.  Also, is the whole world going Upside Down or something?  There’s a quick look of a giant Cloverfield-ish monster hiding in the red mist.

And we see Hopper in a secluded cabin.  Are we playing some Evil Dead tropes here?

So what do you think of the Stranger Thing season 2 teaser?  Did Upside Down follow Will back to our world?  Where did the kids get those awesome Ghostbusters costumes?  And Leggo my Eggo please!  Let us know in the comments below.

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