Happy Birthday Mewtwo!!

A look at Mewtwo’s conception.

Today is Mewtwo’s birthday everyone!

How do we know?  Well, according to the journals found in the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar in Pokemon Red and Blue, it’s stated that Mewtwo’s birthday is on February 6th, without a year.  However, the entry also stated that Mew gave birth to it….. but how though?

First off, I doubt it is anything biological.  Both Mew and Mewtwo are Legendary Pokemon that cannot reproduce at all, not to mention the Pokedex entree describes Mewtwo as the result of “horrific gene splicing and DNA engineering experiments.”  And the first movie also makes it clear that Mewtwo was created from Mew’s genetic materials.

So it’s easy to say that Mew didn’t actually give birth to Mewtwo, but simply gave Mewtwo the clone materials.  The phrase “gave birth” is simply a metaphor that Mewtwo is a specie that’s fulled of Mew’s clone DNA.

Anyway, February 6th is Mewtwo’s birthday.  Happy birthday Mewtwo!

In another pop culture Birthday, today is Nico Robin’s from One Piece.  Happy birthday to you too Robin!