The Walking Dead #163 Review


The first issue post-The Whisperer War, and things are not looking great for Rick and Alexandrians.  The group faces the largest walker-threat ever seen, and Rick’s very own leadership skill is being questioned again.

After realizing Dwight and his group didn’t kill all the walkers, Rick is in full panic mode as a whole ocean of walkers are heading their way.  The group sends out multiple groups of people out trying to distract the walkers away, but no use, the horde is too big to be distracted and they eventually break down the fence and overrun Alexandria.  This is something I REALLY want to see in the TV series, so I hope when it’s adopted eventually the series will do a good job (I doubt it though with the recent track records).

While the walker attack forms the backbone of the issue, the real highlight here is the leadership dynamics between Rick and Negan.  Under Rick’s commands, the group is ready to back down from the threat, but with Negan’s colorful language and fearless reaction to the sea of walkers, the people are ready to fight on the threat.  Even though it doesn’t do anything at the end at all.  Anyway, the issue really emphasis on the Rick/Negan dynamic.  Rick still loathes Negan to the bone, but he can’t help but rely on him in situations.  Negan is a charismatic guy, and it’s clear that a power struggle will come into play sometime in the future.

Where’s the comic series going now?  The series comes a long way with survivors on the road trying to find a safe haven, and after the status quo changing “All Out War,” the series is all about how to build a society in a world like this.  However, as the community is destroyed the survivors are forced to be back on the road again.  This feels awfully familiar.  Then again, both The Kingdom and Hilltop are still around, and the Saviors are coming in as the big boss, maybe the series is still heading towards a fresh direction.  We will have to wait and find out.