One Piece Chapter 854 Review

What Am I Doing?!

A new chapter of One Piece where most of our heroes are united, and ready for Sanji’s wedding tomorrow!  Also, I can’t wait for this arc to be over so Jinbe can officially join the group oh my god!

The chapter opens up with Jinbe and Nami running away from Big Mom’s henchmen and Chopper pulls the two into the Mirror World.  In there, we learn that Jinbe never spins Big Mon’s roulette, as it’s rigged in her favor.  Meanwhile, the plan to assassinate Vinsmoke Family is detailed, and Sanji finally comes to the conclusion what he’s supposed to do next.

The best part of the chapter, in my personal opinion, is everything about Jinbe.  I’m glad it turns out that he never played the roulette, but it seems like such an easy way out after all the buildups.  It’s an ongoing struggle for Jinbe to be parted from Big Mom since the introduction of New World arc, and I can’t imagine that’s it.  Hopefully this is an issue Oda recognizes and will come back to it in future chapters.

Meanwhile, it’s nice to understand the assassination plan better.  Oda does a pretty good job here with visuals as Big Mom explains it, even though it can get quite wordy.  Also, the meeting scene is great too.  Not only it shows how the enemies are under-prepared for our heroes, it also shows a crack in our enemies’ trust foundation.  Just when everything seems to working for our heroes, Sanji suddenly decides to rebel at this very moment!  I’m very glad to see Sanji standing up for himself, but I can’t help but feel like it will tightens up the enemies’ security again!  This is not the right move, but it’s definitely the right move.

Also, other readers have already noticed Sanji’s lunch for Pudding is full of Straw Hat’s favorite food.  I’m glad this is a detail Oda intended.

This is a pretty good chapter that moves the story forward.  I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next week.