MAFEX Spider-Man Homecoming Ver.


Medicom’s MAFEX series just debuted the very first high-end Spider-Man figure based on its appearance in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming film!  This is super exciting!

The figure will come equipped with brand new ball-joint articulation points, so collectors can pose the figure freely.  The figure will come with various spare parts and spider web for all the awesome displays.  Best off, the figure will come with actor Tom Holland’s head so you definitely know this is the Spider-Man from Homecoming.  There will even come with a spare-mask and parts to change Spider-Man’s eye shape.

This is the very first high-end Spider-Man: Homecoming figure revealed.  Many companies have teased that they’re releasing figures from this film, but Medicom managed to release theirs ahead of others.  I can’t wait to see what other companies have in store for us.

The figure is set to release in October for 6,800 yen (about $68).