figma Kat 2.0

Gravity Princess.

Max Factory’s figma series is going to release Kat 2.0 from video game Gravity Rush series.

The new Kat figure will be based on her appearance in Gravity Rush 2.  The figure will be fully re-designed with greater articulation points.  The figure will come with various facial expressions such smile, angry and shock.  There are special effect parts for Kat’s new power Lunar Style and Jupiter Style as well, and support stand to recreate Kat floating in the air.  Most importantly, the figure will come with Dusty, the mysterious cat that gives Kat the power to manipulate gravity.

If you pre-order the figure it will come with an apple and a special hand part to hold the item.

The figure is set to release in August for 7,000 yen (about $70).