It’s Called Star Wars: The Last Jedi and What it Might Mean

Who’s the last Jedi? has revealed what the official title of Episode VIII is- Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but what does it mean???  Who’s the last Jedi and why are they the last Jedi?  Most importantly, is “Jedi” here singular or plural?  Why is the grammar in the galaxy far, far away so confusing?

First off, the obvious answer is that “The Last Jedi” refers to Luke Skywalker.  He became the last Jedi back in Return of the Jedi when Yoda passed away, and The Force Awakens’ opening crawl also confirms that he’s still the last Jedi 30 years later.  However, this answer is way too obvious so–

“The Last Jedi” is probably Rey then.  It appears that she will undergo Jedi training in Episode VIII, so she’s most likely the last Jedi?  It probably also means that Luke will die… It’s hard to imagine the franchise will kill off another major character after what happened to Han Solo back in the previous film, but I can’t imagine another possibility.

Or maybe the “Jedi” here is really plural, and it refers to both Luke and Rey!  And hey, maybe there are other Jedi too and they’re all “Last Jedi!”  Wouldn’t that be nice?  The ominous, red font DEFINITELY suggests a happy film!

But what do you think?  Is Luke the “Last Jedi,” or is it Rey?  Maybe there are other Jedi around?  Hey, maybe Jar Jar will return in this film and he will be a Jedi too?  Let’s discuss in the comments below.