Being Yamcha: A Redemption Story

it’s almost like being John Malkovich.

There’s no point sugar-coating this: Yamcha is the worst character is the Dragonball series.  He’s especially weak, and really useless as a character.  He’s laughed at so much that even his death is a popular meme.  However, that’s all about to change in a new manga series.

Also, check out this Yamcha figure.  You can get an idea how much a joke this character is.

Titled Dragonball Side Story: The Case of Being Reincarnated as Yamcha, or as I like to simply call it, Being Yamcha, the story is a very meta one that gives Yamcha the redemption he needed.  The story begins with an average high school boy dies and reborn as Yamcha.  Like all the nerds out there, the boy was overjoyed he gets to live in the Dragonball world.  But like all the nerds out there, he then remembers the miserable life Yamcha is going to have, so he decides to prove Yamcha can be as capable of a fighter as everyone else.

It’s a great story so far.  The first branch out of the canon is when Yamcha decides to go train with Goku, instead of going home with Bulma.  After that Yamcha becomes a lot stronger, and the first chapter even ends with Yamcha surviving his meme-worthy of a death:

It’s exciting to see where the story will take us next, and how much stronger Yamcha will become.  The road to redemption is going to be tough, but I believe in you Yamcha!

The story is written and illustrated by fan artist Dragon Garow Lee, and is available now on Shonen Jump’s digital plus site, meaning it’s sanctioned by the publishers.  You can check out the first chapter (in Japanese) here.