Things Worth Noticing in the First Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer

Spidey is coming home.

Marvel Studios and Sony have just debuted two new trailers for Spidey’s upcoming solo film for MCU- Spider-Man: Homecoming.  The trailer above is the domestic trailer, and the one below is international:

Both trailers have shown many details and easter eggs, and I’m here to note all the things worth mentioning.

First off, the trailers show off various Spidey suits.  From Peter Parker’s original hoodie disguise, to his Civil War underoos, and to the new suit with various Stark Tech upgrades such as Web Wings and quick change bottom.

The trailers also show a lot villains in them.  The MCU is really taking its money’s worth with the Chitarui attack in the first Avengers film, as the ATM heist shows off “Avengers” robbing the place with such tech.  I’m guessing the tech was adapted into human friendly by The Tinker.  Michael Chernus is said to play the character, but we didn’t see him in the trailers.  Meanwhile, Bokeem Woodbine will be the Shocker 2, as the original Shocker will be played by Donald Glover.  We also get a good look at Michael Keaton’s Vulture.  He’s a lot cooler and scarier than the comic counterpart, but the film still keeps some original design as we get to see feathered ruffle around the neck.  Remember when I said MCU is really taking its money’s worth from the Chitarui attack?  It seems like the Vulture will be using Chitarui weaponry as well.

In case you forgot the film takes place in the MCU, the trailers have plenty of reminders.  The ATM robbers are dressed as Avengers, Bruce Banner and Howard Stark both have pictures hanging at Peter’s high school, and of course, the Chitarui tech.  Oh wait, Iron Man is in the film too!  It appears that Tony Stark will be some sort of father-figure to Peter Parker, and not gonna lie, I’m looking forward to see the bond the two are going to share.

Spider-Man: Homecoming will hit theaters on July 7th, 2017.  What do you think about the trailers?  Are you excited for Spidey’s return to MCU?  And hey, it appears that Peter is a Star Wars fan!  Why is he being an ass in Civil War by calling Empire Strikes Back an “old movie?”  Let’s discuss in the comments below.