New Revelations From Star Wars Rogue One International Trailers

What you can expect from the film.


December 16 is only a few weeks away (five exactly!) and new international trailers for Rogue One are packed with new scenes, new dialogues and new information about the Star Wars spinoff film.  Here are some things worth noticing in the new trailers.

The first TV spot show off the new character- Bistan.  He’s a space monkey, totally badass, and soon becoming everyone’s favorite character (Bistan 2020 anyone?).  He is with the rebellion, and fighting alongside Jyn Erso’s crew.  The same spot also shows K-2S0, the new awesome droid smacking down Stromtroopers.  Yeah, K-2SO is going to be cool, check out his figures here.

The Japanese trailer shows a young Jyn Erso receiving a kyber crystal necklace from her mother.  Kyber crystal is what powers every lightsaber, so it raises the question who Jyn’s mother really is- is she Force sensitive?  The same trailer also shows Darth Vader making a claw hand like he just Force-chocked someone.  We already know Vader is going to be in this film, but it’s still cool to see him regardless.

At the Korean trailer shows the Death Star firing at a planet that looks like Jeddah, the home world of Jedi.  We also get more glimpse of the Space-Ring on the beach planet of Scariff.  It’s starting to become obvious that this is an entry way through the force filed surrounding the planet.

So what do you think about the new trailers?  Are you going to see the film?  On opening night?  What’s the fate of the Rogue One crew?  Let’s discuss in the comments below.