A Possible Reboot is Coming to X-Men Films

Everyone needs a reboot.


Fox’s X-Men franchise might be receiving a reboot soon!  That’s right, the franchised that started back in 2000 and riddled with continuity problems is finally getting a reboot it deserved.

From The Hollywood Reporter, Fox has been considering rebooting the franchise for a while now.  It started with the box office drops between Days of Future Past and Apocalypse, and not to mention franchise superstar Hugh Jackman is leaving Wolverine behind after next year’s Logan.  Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Nicholas Hoult’s contracts are up as well.  While the studios are planning to have the next script featuring all four actors, there are still complications on Deadpool 2 and the Gambit film.

Even though the first Deadpool is a hit, director Tim Miller left sequel due to creative differences with star Ryan Reynolds.  While Deadpool 2 is still in uncertainty, Deadpool 3 is already in talks of being the X-Force film we’ve been waiting for.  It makes sense though, as Deadpool is a member of X-Force.  Deadpool is still not in the X-Men film universe properly (even though the film features X-Men characters.  See how this is confusing?), so the X-Force film plus the reboot might be a way for Deadpool to be integrated into the universe.

And Gambit film.  I almost forgot about this, because it is such an old news.  Even though Channing Tatum is already singed to be the character, director Doug Liman has abandoned the film to work of Justice League Dark.  Fox stills wants to release the film next year, but without a director I don’t see how this is happening.  With all the problems mentioned above, isn’t it the perfect time for a X-Men franchise reboot?  The reboot can easily fix all the continuity problems the franchise is famous for, and finally have Reynolds’ Deadpool interacts with the other X-Men.  I mean come on, that’s no way Fox is getting rid of that box office mega hit.  However, Fox still planning on having some actors reprising their roles, so it’s hard to imagine a hard reboot, but a soft reboot instead.  Keeping all the goods of the current franchise (Lawrence, Mcavoy, Reynolds etc), and getting rid of all the problems to create a simplified, brand new timeline.  Something Fox should just do with First Class, but they didn’t.

It’s said that the studio is also working on The New Mutants film that’s about to start filming soon.  Maybe this can be the first step for the X-Men reboot?  In reality, we all know the best thing for X-Men films to do is joining the MCU.  This way we can finally see Deadpool partnering up with Spider-Man, Magneto vs Iron Man, and Scarlet Witch finally has a dad.  But what do you think?  Are you excited for possible X-Men reboot?  Do you want to see Deadpool interacts with other X-Men?  Should X-Men joins the MCU?  Is the world coming to an end?  Let’s discuss in the comments below.