The Walking Dead #160 Review

The Whisperer War Pt. 4.


With issue #160, The Whisperer War has reached the halfway point.  The clear consequences of the war is starting to become obvious, and it’s still hard to tell what the outcome will be.  The story is still going strong, and I am hooked.

The issue is packed with actions.  Dwight reluctantly adopts Whisperers’ method is an interesting concept, and I’m all for the survivors finding a new way to, well, survive.  He’s starting to become a clear character with morals and rules, and I’m hoping the TV version of Dwight can receive such character development too.

Meanwhile, Maggie’s group is suddenly faced with the attacks from Whisperers.  I’m not going to question how they can shoot fire arrows without the walkers attacking them, but the attack here does a great job pushing the The Whisperer War to a new direction.  Literally no one is safe in this war.

While I liked the 16-panel grid in the previous issue, this one seems to create some problem on the story’s overflow.  The idea here is for Kirkman and Adlard to fit more stories in the mere six-issue storyline, but the transition here is really abrupt and it left me a bit confused thinking the issue is coming to an end already.

Overall, this is yet another exciting issue that brings The Whisperer War to the next level.  However, the 16-panel grid decision has proven to hurt the storyline here, and it interferes with my reading enjoyment.  Hopefully it will be fixed in the next issue.