Things Worth Noticing in the New Wonder Woman Trailer

Is she with you?

Warner Bros. has dropped the newest Wonder Woman trailer earlier this morning.  It’s a great trailer that has us all aboard the hype train, and yes, there are plenty of things worth mentioning about the trailer.

The film is set in the World War I ear, and there are superweapon, as well as the mask worn by Elena Anaya’s character.  It’s not confirmed yet who Anaya will be playing, but I’m pretty sure she will be Baroness Paula von Gunther, a Wonder Woman villain who’s also a Nazi occultist.

The trailer also shows us how Steven Trevor comes to Themyscira.  However, it also appears that Steve will be working on the enemy side?  Perhaps he was working as a spy for US when he crashes onto the island?  Anyway, the trailer also shows that Diana will steal her weapons before departing the island with Steven- a timeless tradition of all WW stories, as the Amazons are not supposed to interfere with the outside world.

The trailer also shows of Danny Huston’s as God of War Ares.  Him and WW appear to have many battles in the film!  It is clearly, truly exciting.

So what do you think of the new trailer?  Can you wait another seven months before the film hit theater?  And what makes Diana stop fighting for 100 years before deciding to help the Justice League?  Can it be Steve Trevor’s death?  He’s going to die in this film isn’t he.  Let’s discuss in the comments below.

Wonder Woman will hit theaters on June 2nd, 2017.