One Piece Chapter 845 Review

The Enraged Army.


Let’s jump straight to the point and talk about the final scene between Sanji and Purin.  So far, it seems that Purin is a very sincere character, and she genuinely wants to help her future husband and Straw Hats.  However, there’s a slight, slight chance she’s only acting the way she is to trick Sanji.  What’s the point of it I have no idea.

Regardless, her actions seems to really touched Sanji, as he’s willing to marry her all of the sudden.  He’s been claiming that he will only agree to the marriage to protect his crew mates and old mentor, but that doesn’t necessary seem like the case anymore.  It’s possible that he actually met someone he can fall for for the first time, and it’s going to be an interesting turn of event.  Let’s be honest here, we all know that Sanji will return to the crew by the end of the arc, but in what condition is anyone’s guess.  It will be interesting to see him joining the crew a married man.  I’m not going to say that Purin will be part of the crew necessary, but it might lead to an alliance between Straw Hat and Big Mom.  It’s really far-fetched I know, but it’s still more believable than Straw Hat being absorbed by Big Mom Pirates.

This chapter we got a glimpse of Big Mom’s Prometheus and Zeus ability.  It might not be multiple Devil Fruits abilities like I predicted before, but actually her Soul-Soul Fruit ability where he puts souls into inanimate objects.  Other than that, an army of Big Mom Pirates and Charlotte Family is heading towards Luffy.  It’s hard to imagine how Luffy is going to get out of this situation, but I’m sure something will come across for our future King of Pirates.

Oh, no One Piece next week.  What the heck!