One Piece Chapter 844 Review

Luffy vs. Sanji.


This is the chapter we will be remembering for years to come.  One Piece used to able to make me cry with its touching plots, but it has been years since Oda manages to do that.  I’m proud to say that I cried when reading this chapter.

The whole chapter is dedicated to the fight between Sanji and Luffy- if you can call that.  It’s a one-sided fight where Luffy takes all the attacks from Sanji, because there’s no way he can hit his favorite cook.  Luffy understands how painful this really is for Sanji, and he’s going to sit there waiting for Sanji to come back.

There’s really not much to say about this chapter, other than it being heart breaking.  Luffy is going to starve himself to death waiting for Sanji to return and well, this shows dedication as we all know how much food means to Luffy.

Good job, Oda.  It seems like you’re finally finding your groove back.