One Piece Chapter 843 Review

Vinsmoke Sanji


It’s been a while since I last reviewed One Piece, so I might be a little rusty please forgive me.  Anyway, we have a great chapter this week, as Luffy finally defeats Cracker, and him and Sanji finally reunited.  It might not be a happy reunion, but hey, a reunion is a reunion.

Cracker’s defeat serves as a catalyst for Oda to introduce more members of the Charlotte Family.  While it’s nice for Oda to give each member their position in their introduction, and we can probably, easily guess what their abilities are, I still can’t help it but feel all these characters are starting to blur into one.  I feel the same way during the previous arc too, but I do eventually grow to be able to tell them apart.  I doubt this arc will end with an all-out brawl between the Straw Hats and Big Mom Pirates, but hopefully as the story progresses we will start to know these characters better.  I don’t want to think Oda is starting to lose his touch already.

This is like what, the third or fourth time a Straw Hat member defying Luffy’s command?  And maybe like the first one since Robin to purposely act the different way to protect everyone else.  It felt like something I’ve seen before already.  But I’m not gonna lie though, it’s still very heartbreaking to see Sanji turning against Luffy.  He’s always so loyal and protective of the crew.

Before I leave, it’s worth mentioning that it’s said that Big Mon has the ability to control weather?  We already know her Devil Fruit is Soru Sour no Mi, the ability to collect souls from others and put them into others objects to create homies.  It doesn’t seem to suggest the possibility to control weather (left hand Zeus, right hand Prometheus?), so her ability might be other Devil Fruits?  With Artificial Devil Fruit, and Blackbeard showing possibility to use other abilities, maybe we are going to find out what multiple abilities is really all about soon.

Overall, a great chapter.  But like I said, while Sanji turning against Luffy is really heartbreaking, I can’t help but feel it is something that have been done a bit too many times already.