Pokemon Sun and Moon Won’t Have HMs Anymore

Everyone rejoices!


Pokemon Sun and Moon demo was released yesterday, and dataminers have been finding out secrets of the newest installment of the popular franchise.  After the entire (pretty much) Pokedex was leaked, YouTuber Kaphotics has found out something really awesome for longtime players.  That’s right, the really annoying Hidden Machines, or HMs, have finally been removed!

For some of you who don’t know what HMs are but decide to read this article, they are the worst part of the game.  Normally Pokemon can learn and forget moves easily, but not HM moves such as Cut, Fly or Surf.  These moves cannot be forgotten unless by a Move Deleter, and they can be really problematic taking up a Pokemon’s previous four move set spots.

Yep, players no longer have to bring that extra Pokemon in their party only because that one little guy knows how to use moves such as Waterfall.

However, some better HMs move such as Fly or Rock Smash are confirmed to be regular TM moves now.  Other popular ones such as Surf or Cut remain unknown.

While we don’t know what will ultimately replace the HM moves, the demo gives us an idea what those might be.  Trainers can now ride certain Pokemon in the game by registering them into a special device and call them up at will.  The demo lets us roam around on the back of a Tauros, and it has the special ability called Tauros Charge that serves similar purpose of Rock Smash or Strength.  It’s really cool, as now we don’t have to waste a precious slot in our Pokemon party, or their move sets.  The registered Pokemon will simply be conjured up.

What do you think about the new registered Pokemon system?  Will you miss the HM moves?  What happened to more popular moves such as Surf?  Let’s discuss in the comments below.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be released on November 18th.