Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo Leaks the Entire Pokedex

Oh my…..


So…. Pokemon Sun and Moon’s demo has just been released, and those data miners out there have found a lot of information on the demo, and yep, there are sprites of many unannounced Pokemon.  And yes, it includes the final evolution of the starters.

And no, I’m not going to post images here due to possible legal reasons.  However, you can check out the videos below for what they look like:

As you can seen from the videos above, Ash-Pikachu seems to be a thing too.

The videos also so a total of 8 Ultra-Beasts and new Alola Forms such as Persian.  The Alola Pokedex is said to hold over 800 Pokemon as well.

You can check out the demo now.  Pokemon Sun and Moon won’t be out until next month the 18th though.