The Walking Dead #158 Review

The Whisperer War Pt. 2.


The second chapter of The Whisperer War quickly shows us how vicious the new villains are.  The herd of walkers show no mercy to our survivors, and The Whisperers are using the undead craftily.  I honestly thought the new enemies are going to be boring, and the story arc will be too similar to All out War.  However, Kirkman manages to make things fresh for the readers, and it’s really awesome to see them hiding among the walkers and attack our survivors when they least expected.  The one-sided battle is very Game of Thrones-ish, and I can’t wait to see this storyline adopted into the TV series.

The biggest problem of the issue is jumping around characters when story finally becomes intense.  This is a problem with the current story arc, as there are way too many characters, way too many stories to tell.  The jumping around slows the story down a lot, and one can feel there are way too many to be juggled at a time.

Overall, this is still a good issue to demonstrate how horrifying these new enemies really are.  The bad part is when too many stories are happening at the same time, but hopefully it will be changed soon.

Oh, and Gabriel died in this issue.  I have no idea how I feel about that.