DC Comics Announced Justice League vs. Suicide Squad Crossover Event

First major Rebirth event.

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad 1

DC Comics has announced their first major Rebirth event- Justice League vs. Suicide Squad.  The event will being in December, and Flash’s writer Joshua Williamson will pen the event, with Jason Fabok being the artist.

The event will be a six-issue one publishing bi-weekly in December, and remaining four issues to ship weekly in January.

The story will begin as Batman questioning the viability of Amanda Waller’s Task Force X with the Justice League already in operation.  Batman decides to put an end to Suicide Squad, and Batman writer Tom King also mentions that the Dark Knight will assemble his own version of Suicide Squad.

Other than the core six-issue Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, the event will crossover to Suicide Squad issue 9 and 10, as well as Justice League issue 12 and 13.

Also, a new Justice League of America title will spin out of the event in February.

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad