The Walking Dead #157 Review

The Whisperer War Pt. 1.

The Walking Dead #157

“The Whisperer War” begins here!  It’s the first major Walking Dead storyline after “All Out War,” and the expectation is high.  Many fear that that this story arc will be the old rehash of things we’ve seen before, but with the first issue it’s already proven that’s not the case at all.  “The Whisperer War” is off to a great start.

However, after last issue’s surprise twist, it’s kind of a let down seeing Negan just hanging out with Rick without another motive.  One can argue that Negan might still secretly working with the Whisperers, but at this moment, he’s putting himself in very dangerous situation too, so I doubt he’s still working with them.  If anything, Negan might be waiting for both sides to kill each others and take over whatever is left.  However, the issue didn’t focus more on Negan’s shocking actions from the previous issue is a real letdown.

An interesting art decision for the issue is the 16-panel grid layout.  As explained in the letter pages, it’s a conscious decision to play out the dense storyline of The Whisperer War.  It works out great when comes to heavy dialogue scenes and it doesn’t stop Adlard’s storytelling at all.  Also, the transition from small panels to splash pages works out perfectly too.

The Whisperer War starts off strong.  Negan’s unpredictable actions are great, and the outcome of the war is unforeseen.  This is going to be a Walking Dead event to remember.

– The Good:

  • Negan’s actions.
  • 16-panel layout.
  • Unforeseen future.

– The Bad:

  • Negan’s action from previous issue not weighted.

– Overall Score: 8.5/10